What you can expect from Anthony Gordon J.D., LL.M., CFP®, CLU®, CEA at FiduSure Financial Inc. and our Strategic Planning Process.

Recognized by Wealth Professional as a 5-star advisor for 2022.

Author of Property Trendsetters, chapter on Tax Minimization for Property Owners.

Author of upcoming book, “The Art of Retirement: The Canadian Guide to Retirement and Beyond.”



  1. A Comprehensive Financial and Investment Plan. Together, we will complete a quality financial plan, including a comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy, updated annually to actualize your goals.
    Outcome: Clarity around your financial future and a roadmap to follow
  2. AI-based financial planning platform. Together, we stress test your financial plan and model multiple strategy combinations, comparing and selecting the best path to achieve your retirement goals.

    Outcome: access to a platform that empowers you to manage your finances, plan for your financial future and collaborate with your financial planner in a real time to get personalized financial, tax and estate strategies and advice
  3. Progress Update Meetings and Implementation Strategy. Each time we meet, I will provide you a straightforward, chronological list of simple action steps to implement your financial plan, along with a checklist of items to keep you on track. This gives you a greater probability of accomplishing your long-term goals.

    Outcome: Getting and keeping you on track
  4. Progress Reports. I will review your financial statements and be available to discuss them. This gives you the information you need to feel confident that you are accomplishing your long-term goals.

    Outcome: Discussing where you are and if you are on track; clarity through the meeting and confidence about your future
  5. Goals-based and Needs-based Planning. We create a written plan for every client goal, with specific requirements of how to implement and accomplish. We ensure you follow the plan and keep you on track. The accomplishment of your goals is the proof that you have made the financial decisions that are right for you. This gives you more “time”, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

    Outcome: Clarity around ALL of your goals and a means of accomplishing more
  6. Best-in-Class Money Management. We will analyze how your assets are allocated, and work with third-party money management experts who will provide advice on how to best position you, and to create the highest likelihood of achieving your goals. We will help provide you with a clear strategy going forward. We seek out managers who offer tailored systems that add value to both of us.
    Outcome: Confidence in process and systems
  7. Income Tax Reduction Review. Together, we will walk through a checklist of tax planning items to make sure every stone is unturned, and save you tax dollars. One of the best investments you can make is saving a dollar in tax, because that equates to a dollar thirty, or forty, or more, of income. We remove the stress in dealing with tax issues by coordinating with tax professionals for you.
    Outcome: A comprehensive tax planning checklist reviewed
  8. Tax-Efficient Cash Flow Projections & Retirement Income Projections for Life. Together, we will estimate the short-term funds you need, and determine how to establish and maintain those required short-term funds. We will establish short- and long-term cash flow goals and give specific advice on how to reduce or eliminate any debts, with a timeline that makes sense for your needs.
    Outcome: Get more from the money you have
  9. Tax-Efficient Estate Planning tools and resources. We will provide you with information and tools that give you the ability to make well-informed decisions. This gives you the assurance that your retirement is in order, and that future estate values are aligned with your goals.
    Outcome: Clarity around your estate
  10. Risk Management Planning Process. We will assess any risks we see in your future, and uncover potential blind spots that may be a risk to your overall plans. In addition, we will evaluate your comprehensive insurance needs, and recommend best-in-class insurance solutions, with the proper amounts of insurance.

    Outcome: Peace of mind, confidence and measurable dollars
  11. Our Estate Planning Organizer and Beneficiary Audit Service. We will perform a comprehensive review of your current estate plan and simplify it for you and your executor(s) through our estate planning organizer. The beneficiary audit service will summarize your estate on one page. We will also work with your legal professionals to implement any changes necessary. The two objectives are to establish a plan for your money to make it to the next generation and beyond, and to create a structure that will bring your heirs closer together, avoiding conflicts about the money once you are no longer around. We help you put it on paper and clarify your future for the next generations.
    Outcome: The peace of mind you are looking for, both in confidence, measurable dollars and know the probability of your estate plan’s success out of 100.
  12. Coordination. We will work with your professional advisors, accountants, lawyers, risk managers (or refer our experts if you need), gather information, and coordinate it so that it simplifies the planning, and saves you time in completing your tax and estate planning.
    Outcome: A coordinated team of professionals. A Coordinated plan means bringing the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony. This is done through the Fidusure Network of Professionals
  13. Portfolio Tax Audit. We will complete a portfolio tax audit, to see if you can save tax on your accounts each year. This includes a review of tax reduction strategies, and a list of how to minimize tax this year and every year in the future.


CLARITY. First, we want to make sure we understand you, your values, and what is important to you. We perform goals-based planning for your future, and keep you on track to reach your goals.

COMPREHENSIVENESS and TRANSPARENCY. Second, we want to help you understand the benefits of comprehensive financial advice, provide an overview of the total costs, and disclose any conflicts of interest. We will then create a comprehensive, quality financial plan to help you meet your goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Third, we want to communicate with you on a timely basis to keep you on track. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive financial plan giving you more time to focus on things that are more important to you than money.


Align your financial choices with your most important goals and most deeply held values, with a comprehensive plan.

Get your entire financial house organized in all 7 areas, and keep it that way.

Create confidence that you have a comprehensive plan that will help you achieve your goals, and give direction for your future.


Through our 3-meeting process, we will get you on track, and keep you on track to reach your goals:

In the spring, we have our goals, planning and investment update and no-stone-unturned, 100-point comprehensive checklist.

In the fall, we have our tax and investment strategies update, and year-end tax analysis.

And in a last meeting, we cover our comprehensive risk management, estate and legacy conversations, and business planning as appropriate.

Between meetings, we have a 12-touchpoint process to give you the confidence that no matter what happens in the world, we will help you stay on track to reach your goals.

A Comprehensive Financial Plan – for Individuals and Couples Cost: $3,800 plus hst for most (higher if there is complexity)

A Comprehensive Financial Plan – for Business Owners Cost: $5,000 plus hst for most (higher if there is complexity)

Hourly Cost: $500 plus hst (Initial 30-minute consultation is complimentary)

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